Where Do i stand? Hot Topics

Designed for:

All employees and managers


At the end of the course participants will have learned about:

  • Lateness/Absenteeism of Employees. What can an employer do?
  • Dress codes: Potential for Discrimination
  • Racial discrimination: Offensive Remarks
  • Suspected Theft: Can the employee be dismissed?
  • Can an employee refuse to work overtime
  • What are reasonable hours? Is overtime reasonable?
  • Ownership of employee intellectual property
  • An employee falls pregnant – Unfair treatment can cost you $40,000.00
  • Inappropriate Behaviour by Employees at Work functions: Liability for employers
  • Family Responsibilities: How flexible does an employer have to be?
  • When should an employer investigate after hours employee conduct?
  • Medical Certificates: Can an employer refuse sick leave certificates?
  • Constructive Dismissal Unfair Dismissal What does it all mean?
  • The Privacy Act and the rights of the employee of a small business
  • Do employees have a right to privacy?


The course will include case studies and small group work. Preferred group size is 15 to 20 participants.

Duration and Cost:

Two hours
$800 plus GST and travel

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